Hello world!

My name is Jewelz O’Donnell and I would like to extend to you all an invitation to visit my store at the best online auction site to buy and sell!! The name of the website is www.onlineauction.com and my store name is located at www.onlineauction.com/store/jewelzodonnell .

I sell a large variety of items in my store.   

 If you are a collector of NASA or International space program memoribilia, check out my NASA Space Explorer Miniature Replica toys.  They are very detailed and at a reasonable price…(starting at $1.99 and up).  They are all still in their original packaging, and priced to sell!!  If you are interested in a large number of them, you can omail me (at OLA) and we can discuss a bulk purchase!

Quite a few people have used these in space diaramas, and other science projects.  Science teachers have also purchased these from me as they make excellent teaching tools for their students.  They are a great way to introduce our children to the space program and get them looking to the stars!

Just a reminder, I am more than willing to remove  them from their original packaging to reduce shipping charges.

Have a great day!!


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