Upcoming upgrades to OLA onlineauction.com

I said I would keep you updated as I receive word about upcoming upgrades and changes to www.onlineauction.com so here it is.

Over the next few weeks there is going to be a major overhaul in the categories available.  It is going to be set up with a 4-tier system which will enable easier browsing through the categories.  Since most of us search through keywords, this will enable the “window shopper / browser” to find things quicker.  Now we all just have to be very careful to moniter our listings and make certain they are all in appropriate categories.  There is still weeks of testing and once it is finalized I will let you all know!

This is one of the biggest beefs mentioned.  The fact that items are being placed in the wrong areas.  We are able to automatically choose two categories, so when we can not find two appropriate ones, some end up being placed in “near enough”.   Sadly, this reflects badly upon us all.  We are all trying to fix our titles and make use of the generous title space we are allowed.  We are also making better use of common searchable words.  As one of our sellers said “Sell like we are buyers”. 

Please bear with us as we are upgrading, and making our inventory easier to find.  Have a great day!


8 responses to “Upcoming upgrades to OLA onlineauction.com

  1. Excellent news indeed!

    The shallow search capability has been the biggest stumbling block to shopping (and listing) on OLA.

    I look forward to hearing about other improvements as they roll out!

  2. jewelzodonnell

    Thank you Elizabeth!

    I shall do my best to keep current here on changes to OLA. I always ask them first for permission before posting, so there may be some delays since I do not like to speculate lol.

    I do know for a fact that the site is much faster since they moved over to the newer, faster servers…sometimes it refreshes so fast I can’t keep up 😀

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. Nice article jewelz. Thanks for keeping everyone updated on the upgrades. I know I look very much forward to the improvements!!

  4. jewelzodonnell

    Thank you Momo!! It is quite exciting isn’t it?

  5. Hey thanks a whole bunch for the information

  6. jewelzodonnell

    You are very welcome William! It is great to see you here!

  7. I aint believing this, but schazam its true.
    It took over 6 weeks for my original website http://www.willieswhatnotshoppe.com to show up on google. I ran a test on the new website which has only been up for a little over a week, and BINGO there it was and guess what, right below the link to the website was a link to jewelzodonnells weblog my my my, what a coincindence
    William Leigh

  8. jewelzodonnell

    That is so good to hear!! Glad I could be of some help. You are welcome back to my blog anytime!

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