Craft supplies now at Etsy!

In case you were wondering where all of my craft supplies are, they are now all listed at my shop at

I still have some of my little tiny glass vial charm pendants available, both in the tube style and in the cognac bottle style.  They are selling very quickly so if you want any, now is the time to get them!



I also have a selection of USA Patriotic metal enamel charms, tiny 1 1/2 inch willow wreaths, Dress It Up buttons and flatbacks, jingle bells, and rubber stamps available.





I have also made an adorable stuffed Christmas Stocking toy for your little furry friend (cat or dog) from Santa Claws!  I have different colours available to me, such as bright red, bright red with snowflakes, a darker red, darker red with snowflakes, blue, blue with snowflakes, green and green with snowflakes. 

The one I have currently listed at Etsy is a bright red with snowflakes, and I have sewn on a Liberty bell shaped jingle bell and added a very pretty green and gold ribbon.  I have also filled it with cotton and catnip.  My cats love it!

If you do not wish to have the ribbon and/or bell added, just ask me and I can make one without them.  Or, if you do not wish to have catnip added (if you want it for your puppy, or if you cat does not like catnip) that is also very do-able! 



So, feel free to stop by my shop and visit awhile!  If you see anything you like, and are interested in purchasing anything, it is very easy to sign up at Etsy (if you are not already a member!).  I look forward to seeing you there!


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