MakingsbyMary on Etsy

Here is part two of a series I am doing on my fellow shop owners on

Who: MakingsbyMary

Where : British Columbia Canada for summers, Texas USA for winter

What do you like to make?:  Denim Bags from recylced jeans, Barbie Doll cothes and Crocheted scarves

What are your favourite mediums?:  I really don’t have a favourite, I love to sew and crochet

When did you start and why?:  Oh my, when did I start you ask?  Well when I was about 8 (too long ago to mention) my grandma tried to teach me how to knit and I just couldn’t get those two needles working together so she gave up and gave me a crochet hook and I have been crocheting ever since. As for sewing my mother taught me that and I started with barbie doll clothes and moved up to my own clothes then clothes for my two daughters.

How long have you been on Etsy?:  January 2008

Do you sell your creations anywhere else?:  Yes at markets and fairs when  I have the time and inventory.

What is involved in your creative process?:  Time

What is the best thing you love about your art?:  I love to create things, especially originals.

What is your all-time favourite piece?:  Not sure I have a favourite, I love them all equally !!

What is the biggest drawback you have found in selling online?:  Listing

What do you do to advertise?:  I hand out little match book note cards to anyone and everyone. Add my Etsy shop address to bottom of my emails.

Do you have any suggestions to others who want to sell their crafts online?:  Persistence, patience, reading and learning.

Thank you Jewelz for the interview and opportunity to be on your blog.

Mary has some absolutely gorgeous Bags and Barbie & Ken doll clothing available on Etsy!  I myself have purchased a beautiful Black Denim Bag and look forward to buying more!  To check out her shop just go to and see for yourself just how creative she is! 

Barbie Fashion Doll Outfit

Barbie Fashion Doll Outfit


I will be back again later with more from Etsy!


2 responses to “MakingsbyMary on Etsy

  1. wonderful interview with Mary. Love her shop. Her items are so beautiful. Lucky you to own one of her totes!

  2. I carry it everyday to work, and all of the ladies there are jealous!!

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