Featured Etsy Artist Willowcat.Studio

Who: Willowcat.Studio ( http://willowcatstudio.etsy.com )

Where: Southern Manitoba Canada

What do you like to make? I make little art cards, one of a kind stubby totes, items in small editions, plushies, paintings and knit things.

What are your favourite mediums? Paper but there isn’t any medium I wouldn’t tinker with.

When did you start and why? I have always created and there really isn’t a why, it just was.

How long have you been doing this? I have been painting and selling for a little over 10 years. I dabbled in art events, eBay, my own website, craft sales and more. I never had very much success for several reasons; lack of focus, a day job, a house, a family, procrastination and the like. It hasn’t been until the last few years where I am pulling up the boot straps and working to make it happen.

How long have you been on Etsy? I have been an etsy member since October of 2006 but didn’t participate as a seller until the beginning of 2007. I made my first sale on March 15th 2007 with a small cityscape.

Do you sell your creations anywhere else?  Yes!!
I can be found at;
• Sew Dandee – 105 Osborne St. in Winnipeg Manitoba.
• Rare Funk – 8 Duke St. in Kitchner Ontario.
• Pembina Hills Art Center 352 Stephen St. Morden Manitoba.

I am also going to expand my online presence with icraft, mintd, lovli and more. Sadly it’s time that isn’t always on my side

What is involved in your creative process?  I am inspired by the object I find, the color of a paper, texture, a word, giggles, a smell, my family. Anything may trigger an idea, an image or inspiration to something wonderful.

What is the best thing you love about your art? I love how it is always in flux, shifting from craft to art or blending together.

What is your all-time favourite piece? In recent past it is this little painting
Sadly my very favorite I can not find the photo of it

What is the biggest drawback you have found in selling online?

Shipping costs.
What do you do to advertise? I blog about myself and on occasion others, happily do an interview :), word of mouth and craft shows. I wouldn’t mind looking into web ads on places like Majaba.org and similar sites

Do you have any suggestions to others who want to sell their crafts online?
Be persistent and diligent, do a little marketing everyday and all those networking sites that ‘waste our time’ are not a waste of time.

It’s a stubby stubby Christmas!!


You simply must come to her shop on Etsy and check these out!  They are adorable!!!


stubby bunny holiday art collage card 2008 number 27

stubby bunny holiday art collage card 2008 number 27

stubby bunny holiday art collage card 2008 number 28

stubby bunny holiday art collage card 2008 number 28


2 responses to “Featured Etsy Artist Willowcat.Studio

  1. thank you for featuring me♥

  2. Beautiful interview on Willowcat! S o nice to get to know her better on here. Thanks again Jewelz for introducing us to these great featured etsy artists in your blogs!

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