Own the Hour!

There is a wonderful new service available for Etsy artists called Own the Hour!   http://etsy.ownthehour.com  It is an advertising site that artists can buy a spot on for an hour, for only 50 cents! ($0.50)  There are only 12 spots for each hour, and competition is getting heavy to grab one of those highly valued spaces.   It is run by Christian Flickinger who is also an artist on Etsy, http://spooons.etsy.com , and has two other sites http://eburl.net (a site that helps shorten those long urls for you) and http://diyscene.com (an Alternate craft and Indie site forum). 

I decided to try a spot for today, it was set for 7am and 8am.  I received some new hearts (shop and item) plus 35 new views!  I am very pleased with the results of this, and have purchased another spot for tomorrow morning at 1am.

I am looking forward to this, and will let you all know how it turns out 🙂


I was so excited this morning.  I had an order for 12 greeting cards!  The person who ordered them wants them to write quick letters or thank you notes to people.  She even let me choose what ones to send her 🙂  I chose a nice variety of flowers, and nature themed ones, since those are her favourites. 

I have also decided this year to make all of my Christmas cards for people.  So, for my family at least, 99% of their gifts this year will be handmade by me, including the gift tags.  I have even had special requests for my OOAK sculpt ornaments!


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