New at !!

I have been playing again with my clay and have come up with some new creations. 

First one is a Suncatcher.  I made it out of a translucent clay, cured it and then affixed a dried purple pansy to it.  The pansy is out of my own flower garden and was dried for a couple of months.  It kept most of it’s original colour!  I then coated the sun catcher with two coats of Delta Ceramacoat to ensure the safe keeping of the flower.  Here it is 🙂

OOAK Pansy Suncatcher wall art

OOAK Pansy Suncatcher wall art


And here is a cute little Sleepy Moon Magnet

OOAK Sleepy Moon Magnet

OOAK Sleepy Moon Magnet


Here is my favourite one, an OOAK Red Dianthus Brooch!

OOAK Red Dianthus Brooch

OOAK Red Dianthus Brooch


Here are two more Brooches that are not listed yet.



and finally here is an adorable happy star magnet!



3 responses to “New at !!

  1. how do you sculpt the clay so evenly? I need some tips for a project plz.

  2. Hi Angel!

    I use various tools such as a scalpel, paper embossing round tipped tools, the cuticle tool from a manicure set, and rubber tipped tools for sculpting. I also always were surgical vinyl gloves so as not to leave fingerprints.

    After curing, I may use sandpaper or the scalpel to remove any jagged edges (if there are any). I will also at times use a mr clean magic eraser.

    For the brooches and the suncatcher, I actually used a rolling pin!

    I hope this helps you!!

  3. I love your stuff!!!!

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