The ever-growing shopping list.

Have you ever had one of those days, where if you did not laugh, you would cry?

I received a heat gun for Christmas, and I am quite excited about using it.  One of the first things I want to try with it, is to make some eyes for some sculpts I have in mind.  Of course, now I need to find the right paints. 

I have been doing a fair amount of research on various paints used with polymer clay, and am feeling just slightly overwhelmed.  There are so many good brands out there, and I have heard so many good things about them.  So far, I have looked into Genesis paints, and I am thinking that will be the way to go for me.  But…not only is it extremely difficult for me to get to the city to go shopping for supplies, I am not certain of exactly what colours I want.  And, what other supplies will I need for this project?  More paint brushes, paint thinner, and a palate, for starters.  Of course, I think I will use a lid from a yogurt container as my palate.  I also will probably use the paint brushes I already have, and use a toothpick for the tiny little details.  So those two I can strike off my list.

I think I will start off with some basic green and blue for eyes.  Black for the pupils.  Silver to add a bit of depth as well.  But what about pink as a blush and for lips?  Should I get red and thin it?  Or should I see if there is a lighter pink?  Perhaps I should also look into some of the powders experienced sculptors use.  And while I am at this, I think I would love to get some pewter, gold and other metallics.  Paint or powders?  Foils would be nice too.  And while I am at it, I think I am going to need fibers for wigging.  Oh, and yes, I will need more of the liquid Fimo too, to aid in series baking etc.  Oohhh, I also need some straight pins (used in sewing) with glass balls on them, to help form the eyes.  All I can find so far are the ones that have flat heads or plastic balls.  Any ideas where I can find these?

Since I am now adding metallics and powders to my list, why not look into getting some books to show me how to make pendants and other jewelry?  If I am going to start making some jewelry, why not get some findings too?  Keychains, chains, clasps, oh My!  Sterling silver of course, since a person has to ensure there is no nickel or lead in anything one makes to sell online.  I did manage to find a lovely shop called  The Ring Lord at ordered some sterling silver wire and split rings from.  So now I would like to find a shop online that will have everything I need. 

The list is getting longer and longer!  I am starting to get a bit dizzy with it all!  Here is my list so far:

Paint (blue, green, silver, black, red?, pink?)
Paint thinner
Powders (silver, gold, pewter, metalics, pearlesque, pink / red)
Liquid Fimo
Straight pins (no lead or nickel!)
How-To Books
Findings (keychains, clasps, jump rings?, bails, chains etc)

Wow, quite a list!

Of course, I have also been thinking of other things I would love to do.  Start making my own ACEOs and ATCs.  Wall hanging/decorations.  Full sculpts of fairies and dragons.  More animals.  I think you are seeing my dilemma now! 

Soooo…I think I am going to ask you, my loyal readers, for advice.  I would love to hear what types of paints, findings, etc that you use.  Suggestions, comments and favourite online shops that ship to Canada  would be greatly appreciated. 

I think I am going to go get more coffee.  It is going to be a long day 🙂


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