About Me

I have recently opened a new shop at www.etsy.com called Jewelz Creatives.  I am currently offering some OOAK full sculpts as well as OOAK Gift Tag Topper Ornaments (that can also be used as Christmas tree ornaments). 

I am also offering a number of commercially made supplies such as tiny glass vial charms, jingle bells, willow wreaths, and I do have some odds and ends.  Once these are gone, I will no longer be selling supplies, since I want to focus on my art.

Feel free to stop by my shop and browse!  www.jewelzodonnell.etsy.com

This will be my main shop! 


I am also a seller at www.Onlineauction.com with a store under the name of Jewelz Creatives.  I sell a large variety of items such as NASA and International space program miniature replicas, TY beanie babies, TY pinkys, originals, classics (mostly retired).  I also carry various collectables such as WRIF bumper stickers, Easter bunny ornaments, Garfield collectables, Christmas decorations and a whole bunch more!


I wish you all much joy, and prosperity now and for all the days to come.


4 responses to “About Me

  1. Jewelz has one beautiful website here, very very nice. I have dealt with her on a few occasions across the US Canada border and I must say she is one of the most pleasant and professional sellers I have ever encountered online.
    You can count on the best product and service from jewelzodonnell BAR NONE!

  2. jewelzodonnell

    Why Thank you very much Wheezydog!!

    Folks, I can tell you for a fact, Wheezy is an awesome, professional seller at OLA. The customer service is outstanding!! You can definatley bid or buy with Confidence with Wheezydog!

  3. She is a good person that seems to always be on top of every thing, glad to know them, they have a great web site, and wonderfuls business practices.

  4. jewelzodonnell

    What a wonderful thing to say !! Thank you so much!

    I have seen the some of the work that you do with your hand scroll sawn signs, and I must say that anyone who buys one of your signs will be extremely pleased! I hope to own one someday for myself!

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