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The Challenge is On!

PCAGOE (Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy) is having a January challenge.  The theme is Black and White, and must be at least 40% polymer clay.  The submissions are now available for you to see at and you can vote for your favourite one from now until January 7th, 2009. 

As a voter, there are some gorgeous prizes (made by members of the guild) to be won.  The winners of the prizes for people who vote will be randomly drawn at the end of the voting period.  For further details about this, please go to and read all the details.  You can also see the prizes on the main voting page. 

The artwork that has been submitted this year is truly amazing!  I feel so privilaged to be a part of this month’s challenge.  Being amongst such talent is quite a privilage!


Note, some of the items in the contest are available for purchase at


The ever-growing shopping list.

Have you ever had one of those days, where if you did not laugh, you would cry?

I received a heat gun for Christmas, and I am quite excited about using it.  One of the first things I want to try with it, is to make some eyes for some sculpts I have in mind.  Of course, now I need to find the right paints. 

I have been doing a fair amount of research on various paints used with polymer clay, and am feeling just slightly overwhelmed.  There are so many good brands out there, and I have heard so many good things about them.  So far, I have looked into Genesis paints, and I am thinking that will be the way to go for me.  But…not only is it extremely difficult for me to get to the city to go shopping for supplies, I am not certain of exactly what colours I want.  And, what other supplies will I need for this project?  More paint brushes, paint thinner, and a palate, for starters.  Of course, I think I will use a lid from a yogurt container as my palate.  I also will probably use the paint brushes I already have, and use a toothpick for the tiny little details.  So those two I can strike off my list.

I think I will start off with some basic green and blue for eyes.  Black for the pupils.  Silver to add a bit of depth as well.  But what about pink as a blush and for lips?  Should I get red and thin it?  Or should I see if there is a lighter pink?  Perhaps I should also look into some of the powders experienced sculptors use.  And while I am at this, I think I would love to get some pewter, gold and other metallics.  Paint or powders?  Foils would be nice too.  And while I am at it, I think I am going to need fibers for wigging.  Oh, and yes, I will need more of the liquid Fimo too, to aid in series baking etc.  Oohhh, I also need some straight pins (used in sewing) with glass balls on them, to help form the eyes.  All I can find so far are the ones that have flat heads or plastic balls.  Any ideas where I can find these?

Since I am now adding metallics and powders to my list, why not look into getting some books to show me how to make pendants and other jewelry?  If I am going to start making some jewelry, why not get some findings too?  Keychains, chains, clasps, oh My!  Sterling silver of course, since a person has to ensure there is no nickel or lead in anything one makes to sell online.  I did manage to find a lovely shop called  The Ring Lord at ordered some sterling silver wire and split rings from.  So now I would like to find a shop online that will have everything I need. 

The list is getting longer and longer!  I am starting to get a bit dizzy with it all!  Here is my list so far:

Paint (blue, green, silver, black, red?, pink?)
Paint thinner
Powders (silver, gold, pewter, metalics, pearlesque, pink / red)
Liquid Fimo
Straight pins (no lead or nickel!)
How-To Books
Findings (keychains, clasps, jump rings?, bails, chains etc)

Wow, quite a list!

Of course, I have also been thinking of other things I would love to do.  Start making my own ACEOs and ATCs.  Wall hanging/decorations.  Full sculpts of fairies and dragons.  More animals.  I think you are seeing my dilemma now! 

Soooo…I think I am going to ask you, my loyal readers, for advice.  I would love to hear what types of paints, findings, etc that you use.  Suggestions, comments and favourite online shops that ship to Canada  would be greatly appreciated. 

I think I am going to go get more coffee.  It is going to be a long day 🙂

I am so excited!

I  just recently was accepted as a new member of the Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy !  Needless to say, it is very exciting!

There are so very many tallented artists who work with clay who are already members there, I am certain that I am going to be able to learn  lot! 

There is even a Flickr group that you can check out,  to see all the wonderful creations the members come up with.  And there is a monthly challenge that is open to Everyone, not just those who have shops on Etsy.  

I have entered a new piece for this upcoming challenge, Black and White.  I plan on offering this piece on Etsy real soon!

Laugh Til You Cry

Laugh Til You Cry

I look forward to meeting all of the guild members, and getting to know all of them 🙂

New in my shop at Etsy!

I have been having lots of fun making my OOAK Fimo Clay Brooches.  After curing the clay I affix dried flowers from my own flower garden this year and then add 2 coats of Delta Ceramacoat to help protect the flower. 

This time, I made marbled bases.  Here are the ones I have listed so far.

OOAK Brooch Pin Purple Pansy

OOAK Brooch Pin Purple Pansy


OOAK Brooch Pin Burgandy Dianthus (Sweet William)

OOAK Brooch Pin Burgandy Dianthus (Sweet William)


This one has not been listed yet, but will be soon.



And don’t forget, if you are looking for tiny glass vial pendants, I still have a few left.  Once these are gone, there will not be any more available in my shop.

The ones I still have available are the Cognac/genie bottle ones, and the round tube style ones.  I have the tube style set available in quantity of 10, and the cognac ones available in quantities of 6, 10, 25 and 50.

Cognac / genie bottle tiny glass vial charm pendants

Cognac / genie bottle tiny glass vial charm pendants

New at !!

I have been playing again with my clay and have come up with some new creations. 

First one is a Suncatcher.  I made it out of a translucent clay, cured it and then affixed a dried purple pansy to it.  The pansy is out of my own flower garden and was dried for a couple of months.  It kept most of it’s original colour!  I then coated the sun catcher with two coats of Delta Ceramacoat to ensure the safe keeping of the flower.  Here it is 🙂

OOAK Pansy Suncatcher wall art

OOAK Pansy Suncatcher wall art


And here is a cute little Sleepy Moon Magnet

OOAK Sleepy Moon Magnet

OOAK Sleepy Moon Magnet


Here is my favourite one, an OOAK Red Dianthus Brooch!

OOAK Red Dianthus Brooch

OOAK Red Dianthus Brooch


Here are two more Brooches that are not listed yet.



and finally here is an adorable happy star magnet!


Sale!! 20% off all inventory!

I have decided to have a huge sale at all three of my online shops.  (handmade Christmas gift tags, OOAK clay sculptures, greeting cards and more!)  (NASA & International space program miniature replica toys, Elby Gifts Garfield figurines, TY Beanie Babies, Russ Lil Peepers, Ganz Wee Bear Village collectible Bears) (WRIF 101 bumper stickers, NASA & International space program miniature replica toys, Elby Gifts Garfield figurines, TY Beanie Babies, Ganz Wee Bear Village collectible Bears and more!)

Just send me a message at the shop and tell me that you saw my sale notice here on my blog, and wait for the invoice 🙂  Sale is on until further notice!

I always combine shipping (purchases from same shop) and use recycled packing materials where appropriate and available.  I accept paypal, and Xcoin.

Winter is here again.

Well, it looks like winter is finally arriving here in Ontario.  Yesterday it was a very dreary wet day, and by the time I went to bed last night it was snowing.  Although there was no snow on the ground when I woke up, there was, and still is some on top of our vehicles.  I still have some tulip bulbs to put into the ground before the frost sets in, and I am hoping that on my day off this week that I can do it.

I have been playing with my fimo clay again.  I started out wanting to make little angels, but for some reason they just would not form for me.  That is ok though.  I ended up with these cute little fae folk instead!

OOAK Fimo Clay Sculpture Fae Creatures Aliah

OOAK Fimo Clay Sculpture Fae Creatures Aliah

OOAK Fimo Clay Sculpture Fae Creatures Gryphon

OOAK Fimo Clay Sculpture Fae Creatures Gryphon


I have decided to start allowing the clay to speak through me, rather than trying to make it do what I want.  I am also learning how to add other materials to my sculptures, such as hair etc.  When you add hair (fibers, wool etc) it is called wigging.  It is not the easiest thing to learn, and it will continue to be a learning process for me.  Here are my first attempts at it. 

I have added a Santa Claus to my Etsy shop in addition to the two above. 

His beard is made out of acryllic fibers, same as the Fae Creatures hair.

OOAK Fimo Clay Sculpture Santa Claus

OOAK Fimo Clay Sculpture Santa Claus

  There are 3 more of these that I have not listed yet.

img_2984 img_2989 img_2995

I think before I list these, I am going to be working a bit more with the beards.  I am not happy yet with them.

I have some more snowmen and a teddy bear too.

OOAK Fimo Clay Sculpture Teddy Bear

OOAK Fimo Clay Sculpture Teddy Bear

OOAK Fimo Clay Sculpture Snowman

OOAK Fimo Clay Sculpture Snowman


I also have these with green and blue ribbons on them. 

Over the next few weeks I have some ideas that I will be working on, and will post some pictures of them as I complete them.