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Hi Folks!

Just to let you all know, I have decided to open another blog at a different site.  My new blog addy is  I hope to see you all there!!


Winter is here again.

Well, it looks like winter is finally arriving here in Ontario.  Yesterday it was a very dreary wet day, and by the time I went to bed last night it was snowing.  Although there was no snow on the ground when I woke up, there was, and still is some on top of our vehicles.  I still have some tulip bulbs to put into the ground before the frost sets in, and I am hoping that on my day off this week that I can do it.

I have been playing with my fimo clay again.  I started out wanting to make little angels, but for some reason they just would not form for me.  That is ok though.  I ended up with these cute little fae folk instead!

OOAK Fimo Clay Sculpture Fae Creatures Aliah

OOAK Fimo Clay Sculpture Fae Creatures Aliah

OOAK Fimo Clay Sculpture Fae Creatures Gryphon

OOAK Fimo Clay Sculpture Fae Creatures Gryphon


I have decided to start allowing the clay to speak through me, rather than trying to make it do what I want.  I am also learning how to add other materials to my sculptures, such as hair etc.  When you add hair (fibers, wool etc) it is called wigging.  It is not the easiest thing to learn, and it will continue to be a learning process for me.  Here are my first attempts at it. 

I have added a Santa Claus to my Etsy shop in addition to the two above. 

His beard is made out of acryllic fibers, same as the Fae Creatures hair.

OOAK Fimo Clay Sculpture Santa Claus

OOAK Fimo Clay Sculpture Santa Claus

  There are 3 more of these that I have not listed yet.

img_2984 img_2989 img_2995

I think before I list these, I am going to be working a bit more with the beards.  I am not happy yet with them.

I have some more snowmen and a teddy bear too.

OOAK Fimo Clay Sculpture Teddy Bear

OOAK Fimo Clay Sculpture Teddy Bear

OOAK Fimo Clay Sculpture Snowman

OOAK Fimo Clay Sculpture Snowman


I also have these with green and blue ribbons on them. 

Over the next few weeks I have some ideas that I will be working on, and will post some pictures of them as I complete them.

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Craft supplies now at Etsy!

In case you were wondering where all of my craft supplies are, they are now all listed at my shop at

I still have some of my little tiny glass vial charm pendants available, both in the tube style and in the cognac bottle style.  They are selling very quickly so if you want any, now is the time to get them!



I also have a selection of USA Patriotic metal enamel charms, tiny 1 1/2 inch willow wreaths, Dress It Up buttons and flatbacks, jingle bells, and rubber stamps available.





I have also made an adorable stuffed Christmas Stocking toy for your little furry friend (cat or dog) from Santa Claws!  I have different colours available to me, such as bright red, bright red with snowflakes, a darker red, darker red with snowflakes, blue, blue with snowflakes, green and green with snowflakes. 

The one I have currently listed at Etsy is a bright red with snowflakes, and I have sewn on a Liberty bell shaped jingle bell and added a very pretty green and gold ribbon.  I have also filled it with cotton and catnip.  My cats love it!

If you do not wish to have the ribbon and/or bell added, just ask me and I can make one without them.  Or, if you do not wish to have catnip added (if you want it for your puppy, or if you cat does not like catnip) that is also very do-able! 



So, feel free to stop by my shop and visit awhile!  If you see anything you like, and are interested in purchasing anything, it is very easy to sign up at Etsy (if you are not already a member!).  I look forward to seeing you there!

New Look for OLA coming soon!

Not only is going to be upgrading the category selection  from a 2-tier system to a new, improved 4-tier system…but OLA is going to be making changes to the penny-over auction.  It will be in the style of a buy it now.  This is going to make it so much easier for search engines like Google Search, MSN search and Yahoo to pick up.  This is great news for us all and we are looking forward to it with anticipation.

The majority of the changes are slated for late June, early July, but no exact date has been set.  As we all know, it takes a great deal of time for programmers to write code, and for all of the testing to be done and make sure things are working nice and smoothly.  So keep that in mind when you stop by and check us out.

Update on The Rummage Sale!! 

Here is a letter OLA itself received from a very happy buyer who made some purchases during our recent Rummage Sale Event that was organized by the sellers at

Posted today by our Customer Support and Forum Administrator, Renee:

 This was sent to Support and I thought it was worth sharing!For those that participated in the Rummage Sale:

Hi just wanted to let you know I purchased 9 items during rummage sale all sellers where so honest on their shipping charges!! Not like some other auction site(I wont tell you it was eBay ). I wish you could let them sellers know we appreciate their honesty. This speaks well of the folks using your site thank you, joey56

Customer Support & Forum Administrator



Thank You Joey!! We are all very happy that you are so pleased with your shopping experience at OLA!  It is so nice to hear such compliments!

In fact, there have been quite a few posts made in the last few days from people who had made purchases during the auction, and the majority is very clear in their satisfaction in their experiences.   I also had made some bids, and won items…some of which have already arrived and I am extremely happy with the outcome of this event.

We have discussed the potential of having more sales in the near future.  One suggestion was for a Christmas in July, however, with all of the upcoming changes, it has been decided to hold off until things have settled a bit.  I am sure that there will be various sellers that are having their own sales at various times.  I will let you know who and when as I hear of them.

Upcoming upgrades to OLA

I said I would keep you updated as I receive word about upcoming upgrades and changes to so here it is.

Over the next few weeks there is going to be a major overhaul in the categories available.  It is going to be set up with a 4-tier system which will enable easier browsing through the categories.  Since most of us search through keywords, this will enable the “window shopper / browser” to find things quicker.  Now we all just have to be very careful to moniter our listings and make certain they are all in appropriate categories.  There is still weeks of testing and once it is finalized I will let you all know!

This is one of the biggest beefs mentioned.  The fact that items are being placed in the wrong areas.  We are able to automatically choose two categories, so when we can not find two appropriate ones, some end up being placed in “near enough”.   Sadly, this reflects badly upon us all.  We are all trying to fix our titles and make use of the generous title space we are allowed.  We are also making better use of common searchable words.  As one of our sellers said “Sell like we are buyers”. 

Please bear with us as we are upgrading, and making our inventory easier to find.  Have a great day!