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Own the Hour!

There is a wonderful new service available for Etsy artists called Own the Hour!   http://etsy.ownthehour.com  It is an advertising site that artists can buy a spot on for an hour, for only 50 cents! ($0.50)  There are only 12 spots for each hour, and competition is getting heavy to grab one of those highly valued spaces.   It is run by Christian Flickinger who is also an artist on Etsy, http://spooons.etsy.com , and has two other sites http://eburl.net (a site that helps shorten those long urls for you) and http://diyscene.com (an Alternate craft and Indie site forum). 

I decided to try a spot for today, it was set for 7am and 8am.  I received some new hearts (shop and item) plus 35 new views!  I am very pleased with the results of this, and have purchased another spot for tomorrow morning at 1am.

I am looking forward to this, and will let you all know how it turns out 🙂


I was so excited this morning.  I had an order for 12 greeting cards!  The person who ordered them wants them to write quick letters or thank you notes to people.  She even let me choose what ones to send her 🙂  I chose a nice variety of flowers, and nature themed ones, since those are her favourites. 

I have also decided this year to make all of my Christmas cards for people.  So, for my family at least, 99% of their gifts this year will be handmade by me, including the gift tags.  I have even had special requests for my OOAK sculpt ornaments!


Greeting card, mini note card, gift tag sale at my Etsy shop!

Considering that it is already November, I am actually a bit surprised at the weather we are having.  All week it has been in the mid to high teens and very warm indeed!  No wonder it seems everyone is sick.  We all are so happy that we have not been hit by snow storms here in sunny Southern Ontario, that we are wearing our early fall clothing and enjoying the outdoors as much as we can.  Of course, mind you, one should always keep in mind that even though it is warm out, we should still be dressing for the time of year.  I have seen people wearing T-shirts and shorts, even!!  I myself have had a cold for the last month and am getting very tired of it.

I just spent the last three hours adding new inventory to my iOffer website.  I have listed some International space explorer mini replicas, some RUSS L’il Peepers and some RUSS Dinosaurs, if you would like to check them out 🙂  http://www.jewelzodonnell.ioffer.com

I have also relisted some sold items in my Etsy shop http://www.jewelzodonnell.etsy.com .  Here they are 🙂

Horse Drawn Sleigh Christmas Greetings Gift tag set of 6

Horse Drawn Sleigh Christmas Greetings Gift tag set of 6

Christmas Star blank card set of 10

Christmas Star blank card set of 10


I am having a sale right now on Etsy, Buy 2 get 1 Free for my Greeting cards, mini note cards or Gift tags (inluding the OOAK clay tags) .

The rest of my day today is going to be a total house clean.  Second floor, Main floor and the basement.  *sigh*

What is holding you back?

There are so many people who would love to take their fun, part-time hobby of selling online to the next step.  I mean, selling full-time and either quitting their day-job or at least cutting back their hours working out-of-home. 

Just a little over a year ago, I had thought that I could do it myself.  I was selling toys, jewelry supplies and other things on eBay and was doing very well.  By no means a power seller but enough that I was making a tidy profit.  Then, I went and invested in a major inventory purchase from a local business that was closing. 

No longer was I going to be focused on selling NASA & International space program miniature toys, and tiny glass vials for jewelry.  I was ready for something more, something bigger! 

I bought a huge inventory of TY Beanie Babies, Pluffies, Baby TY, Buddies and Classics.  I had also received RUSS Lil Peepers, and some Elby Gifts Garfield figurines.  From another place I bought some Easter Bunny Family Babies and other miscellaneous items.  Those with the WRIF 101 Bumper stickers my husband gave me and about 600 mint condition Beer Cans and Bottles I thought I was ready to rock n roll.  This was in January of this year.

Then, the worst happened.  I felt the bottom drop out of my dream.  eBay was suddenly (for me) in the midst of an upheaval.  People were leaving in droves over the major changes that seemed to occur overnight.  I was devastated!  “What am I going to do now?”  I was literally crying to my husband that first night.

Luckily, I had the previous October (of 2007) signed up with a relatively unknown online site called onlineauction.com  I decided to start moving all my inventory there, in the hopes that I could at least sell enough to make up for my investment. 

While onlineauction.com is doing pretty well these days, and the sellers there are very friendly, it has not panned out the way I had hoped it would.  I advertised through various means such as here in my blog, on various classified ads on the internet, passed out business cards and by word of mouth, it all has come to “not much business”.  Others are doing quite well there, and some are very happy.  I am sure that in time, it will get better.  Onlineauction.com has come through with many of the promised changes such as one-page listing new item, better category-system, and they even added a kind of “sold item” feature.  I do have hopes that things will continue to improve over time.  If you would like to check out my shop there, it is http://www.onlineauction.com/store/jewelzodonnell

In the meantime, I am also trying out another site called iOffer.  I have listed a small portion of my inventory there, and so far (in about one month) I have had a few views, but no sales or offers.  Since it costs nothing to list, I will keep those up for awhile and see what happens.  If you would like to check out my shop there, it is http://www.jewelzodonnell.ioffer.com

My favourite place to sell right now, and by far the most fun, is at Etsy.com  It is mainly for artisans and crafters with some commercial suppliers.  I love the ease of listings, and the people I have met there are extremely friendly and helpful.  Since I love to play with fimo clay, and with paper, I fit right in.  This part of my hobby business is just for fun for me right now.  I have so much to learn and so many things to improve on in my crafts, but in the meantime I can have fun selling a few items.  I have found quite a number of things that I have purchased for myself and for others for birthdays and Christmas. 

Right now I am selling Fimo Clay full sculptures, Fimo clay Gift tag topper ornaments, Photo textured paper Greeting cards, mini note cards, gift tags and I have also made some Blank Greeting cards with layers of cardstock and other mixed medias.  Feel free to stop by my shop there to see what I have available.  My shop url is http://jewelzodonnell.etsy.com

Overall, I do have a few venues I am selling on right now.  With today’s economic situation and the increasing costs of shipping, I am personally finding that sales have decreased.  So, this combined with the decreasing amount of time that I have available to me is making it a bit more difficult for me to find time to promote, advertise, or even craft.  I have set up a personal schedule that I try to stick to for the most part, so that I can spend a little time everyday doing what needs to be done.  It is a little difficult with 2 part time jobs, and keeping up with “normal life” but I need to find a nice happy medium. 

So, my question to all of you, my readers is….what is holding you back from selling online full time?  Or even increasing your business?  What do you do to ensure that you are promoting your shops, getting your own personal life responsibilites done, and in general, having a life?  I am definately interested in hearing from all of you!

Featured Etsy Artist Willowcat.Studio

Who: Willowcat.Studio ( http://willowcatstudio.etsy.com )

Where: Southern Manitoba Canada

What do you like to make? I make little art cards, one of a kind stubby totes, items in small editions, plushies, paintings and knit things.

What are your favourite mediums? Paper but there isn’t any medium I wouldn’t tinker with.

When did you start and why? I have always created and there really isn’t a why, it just was.

How long have you been doing this? I have been painting and selling for a little over 10 years. I dabbled in art events, eBay, my own website, craft sales and more. I never had very much success for several reasons; lack of focus, a day job, a house, a family, procrastination and the like. It hasn’t been until the last few years where I am pulling up the boot straps and working to make it happen.

How long have you been on Etsy? I have been an etsy member since October of 2006 but didn’t participate as a seller until the beginning of 2007. I made my first sale on March 15th 2007 with a small cityscape.

Do you sell your creations anywhere else?  Yes!!
I can be found at;
• Sew Dandee – 105 Osborne St. in Winnipeg Manitoba.
• Rare Funk – 8 Duke St. in Kitchner Ontario.
• Pembina Hills Art Center 352 Stephen St. Morden Manitoba.

I am also going to expand my online presence with icraft, mintd, lovli and more. Sadly it’s time that isn’t always on my side

What is involved in your creative process?  I am inspired by the object I find, the color of a paper, texture, a word, giggles, a smell, my family. Anything may trigger an idea, an image or inspiration to something wonderful.

What is the best thing you love about your art? I love how it is always in flux, shifting from craft to art or blending together.

What is your all-time favourite piece? In recent past it is this little painting
Sadly my very favorite I can not find the photo of it

What is the biggest drawback you have found in selling online?

Shipping costs.
What do you do to advertise? I blog about myself and on occasion others, happily do an interview :), word of mouth and craft shows. I wouldn’t mind looking into web ads on places like Majaba.org and similar sites

Do you have any suggestions to others who want to sell their crafts online?
Be persistent and diligent, do a little marketing everyday and all those networking sites that ‘waste our time’ are not a waste of time.

It’s a stubby stubby Christmas!!


You simply must come to her shop on Etsy and check these out!  They are adorable!!!


stubby bunny holiday art collage card 2008 number 27

stubby bunny holiday art collage card 2008 number 27

stubby bunny holiday art collage card 2008 number 28

stubby bunny holiday art collage card 2008 number 28

6 Random Things

I have been tagged by Snazz at Etsy.com ( http://www.snazz.etsy.com ) for a game called 6 Random things.  

Here are 6 random things about me.

1.  I am a mother of a wonderful 17 year old boy who is the light and soul of my life.

2.  I like to sculpt with clay, take photographs and play with paper.

3.  I love to garden, and even do it in the wintertime in my basement in preparation for summer.

4.  I grew up in Nova Scotia and lived there for 20 years before moving to Jasper Alberta.  I lived there only a few months before moving to Winnipeg Manitoba (13 years), lived one year in Churchill MB and then moved here to southern Ontario.

5.  I never learned how to skate or ski.  I always either fell down or went in circles LOL

6.  I love to shop!


I would like to tag 6 more people, and hopefully they might play this game too!








UxCritter’s Place on Etsy

During the last month, I have met many wonderful people on Etsy.  One of them, a favourite shop of mine, is UxCritter.  I decided I wanted to know a little bit more about her and what brought her to Etsy, so I asked her some questions. 


Name of shop?:  UxCritter’s Place http://www.uxcritter.etsy.com

Where are you located? :  Ontario, Canada

What do you like to make?:   My favorite has always been working with beads. I like to make beaded jewelry.

What are your favourite mediums?:   Along with beads, I also like to work with yarn, for knit and crochet projects, and I have a passion for the wellness products involved in aromatherapy. It involves essential oils, carrier oils, as well as bath salts, candle making, and sometimes soaps. I also enjoy working with magnetic beads for therapuetic jewelry.

When did you start and why?:   I started making jewelry during down-time at work in between clients at my nail technichian job.

How long have you been doing this?:   Since 2001

How long have you been on Etsy?:   I joined Etsy in March 2007.

Do you sell your creations anywhere else?:   Anywhere and everywhere I can. I always am promoting my business and Etsy in general. At hair appointments, standing in line at the shopping malls, and absolutely everywhere. I always have business cards with me and of course I wear my own jewelry.

What is involved in your creative process?:   I get most of my ideas from my own needs of a product. Rather than by it, I make it. Then I think that someone online on Etsy might like one too. So I list mine and say I will make more like it.

What is the best thing you love about your art?:   I enjoy the creative process from start to finish and it always amazes me just what I am able to create.

What is your all-time favourite piece?:   Since I am starting a new enterprise right at the moment, I would have to say it is my line of essential oil blends that smell so devine and really accomplish the desired effect wanted in the alternative healing process.

What is the biggest drawback you have found in selling online?:   The postal system in our country is very tempermental to use as it is has such a variance in pricing, and delivery times. A lot is uncertain and I don’t think that for the amount we pay out to use the service offered, that there should be so many upsets and gliches to it.

What do you do to advertise?:   Keep business cards with me ALWAYS. Have my website address at the end of every email I send, regardless of who I am sending emails to. Talk about Etsy and my shop at every opportunity that I get. Place cards in library books. Leave cards on bulletin boards, doctor’s waiting room magazine tables. EVERYWHERE.

Do you have any suggestions to other artists who may be interested in learning your craft?:   There are lots of tutorials readily available online and at library’s. Join groups and find out what is your passion and try new things.

Do you have any suggestions to others who want to sell their crafts online?:   Etsy is so reasonably priced for the arts and crafter just starting out, that it is easy to want to tell everyone about it. It is the best place to begin online selling as the cost is not going to drain someone totally if they aren’t doing well for whatever reason, and they want to quit.


I would like to thank UxCritter for taking the time today to answer all my questions.  It is a full time job for a person to make their products, and to advertise, let alone answer a bunch of questions 🙂  I do know one thing!  I am definately going to have to try one of her essential oil blends, they sound devine! 

One of UxCritter's Essential Oils

One of UxCritter

So feel free to stop by her shop anytime, and check it out!  http://www.uxcritter.etsy.com

OOAK Fimo Clay Sculptures and Gift Tags / Toppers

Hi Folks!  I have now moved my all of my OOAK Fimo Clay Sculptures and Gift Tags / Toppers to a new website called Etsy!  The link for my new store location is http://jewelzodonnell.etsy.com


I will be adding more sculpts as time goes by, so feel free to come by and check out my new store!  If you make a purchase, just tell me in the “notes to seller” section that you found out about my store here in my blog, and I will give you 20% off your first order!

Have a great day!