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Huge inventory clearance sale!

I have decided that I am going to sell off my entire inventory of TY collectibles and NASA miniature replicas!  To that effect, I am having a going out of Business sale on in my shops at http://onlineauction.com/store/jewelzodonnell and http://www.ioffer.com/shops/jewelzodonnell

I have approximately 600 or so of the TY and Russ collectibles and about 500 or so of the NASA miniatures.  Please feel free to check out my listings and I will even consider reasonable offers on large bulk purchases!

Prices are reduced from 50% to 99% off retail prices!  Buyers will pay actual shipping rates and a very small handling fee.

I am closing these shops as of January 16th this year!


More news from the best online auction site on the web! OLA!

Last Wednesday’s Double Dare game was very exciting.  We had 15 sellers join up this time and everyone had a great time.  I myself had a banner evening, having sold 13 items to 5 different buyers, and bought a few things I had been eyeing for awhile myself.  It has been decided that the official game day for Double Dare is going to be Wednesdays

We have more things happening soon as well.  There is going to be a One Day Only Sale on June 19th!  Please check out RoyalTreasures blog at www.theroyaltreasures.wordpress.com all the details!!  If you sell at Onlineauction.com and want to participate just talk to Royal Treasures.  She can help you get started. 

The upcoming changes to OLA is getting closer every day. Estimated time frame for the upgrade is end of June, early July!   I am quite excited to say the least.  The new front page, new 4-tier category system with attributes, the new fixed price format replacing the old penny over style ( and thus searchable to Google search ) just to name a few.  Hopefully the new ended item search will be updated at this time too.  Keep watching for more details!

I know there has been quite a bit of talk recently about concerns people have about OLA.  Such as it appears to be a lack of sales, search features and the confusion about the verified seller having to pay a $4 monthly fee .  Why not check out Callmemomo’s blog at www.callmemomo.wordpress.com for her outlook on the situation and commentary. She gives a very well written explanation covering all of these issues.

ABargain4You has discovered through personal experience just what customer service means to OLA and all of our members.  Read all about it at www.abargain4you.wordpress.com

If you are looking for certain items to buy, and cannot find it anywhere why not come to OLA and see what our sellers have?  There are so many things to choose from, and not just cars lol.  One of our sellers, Gemini749 has  vintage items available right now, you can check out her blog where she gives us ideas of what she has on right now at www.gemini749.blogspot.com

If you are interested in making miniature doll houses or jewelry, why not check out Kryseemac’s weblog at www.kryseemac.wordpress.com   She is giving some amazing tutorials!

Tamancam has a great selection of Simpson’s and Bratz card games for your little ones.  In addition to all the other wonderful goodies!  Check them out at www.onlineauction.com/index.php?page=search:searchUser&user_id=19869

And of course myself…I have quite the varied inventory in my store.  If you are looking for retired Ganz Wee Bear Village bears, vintage WRIF bumper stickers, or those adorable TY beanie babies, TY pinkeys, Pluffies and Baby TY, you can check out my listings at www.onlineauction.com/store/jewelzodonnell

Keep tuned for more news and great items for sale at www.onlineauction.com !!